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The Little Things

My love for technology is fueled in large part by Tom Merritt and his daily efforts to relay industry news , usually aided by like-minded individuals who share his accessible analysis and gentle persona.

I can’t remember when I found him but I’m fairly sure it was related to finding CNET and his then podcast Buzz Out Loud.  Tom always reminded me of an intellectual friend who never boasted about his intelligence but helped you along the way to better understand the world.

I’ve followed Tom through his bounce from CNET, to TWiT and more recently when he ventured out on his own. I’m a fairly dedicated listener to the new show, Daily Tech News Show.

Last week, Tom broadcast from Dragoncon and the audio was terrible. At first I thought that something might be wrong with my phone but when I moved into a quieter room, the problem was certainly with the podcast. For the very first time, I thought, I’m not listening to this and then deleted the episode.

I didn’t think much of it. Tom had built up so much credit with me that the bad audio didn’t bother me. If anything, I felt guilty not listening to him.

The next day, Tom posted an episode apologizing for the poor sound. This action was something so unexpected yet so valuable just made me think so much better about Tom. He cared enough to apologize for a poor product and make up for it.

It’s not often that someone takes the care to keep the audience happy and make up for something that was their fault. Life would be so much better if so many people acted this way.


Seen on the train today: fake book cover

I saw a fellow passenger use a sheet of newspaper as a book cover, effectively obscuring the title.

There are two curious things here:
– the mystery about the title is intriguing; is it a trashy novel or is she trying to protect the book
– the sheet of newspaper is in Polish. Other than the possibility that the reader is of that origin, the novelty of the accents and illegibility of the text suggests more about the reader than the true title ever would

Is this a new trend?

Seen and heard on the train today

Melbourne has a public transport crisis. With high fuel prices and a burgeoning population, the public transport system is struggling to cope.
On the 8:09 today:
– a politician (not sure if governing or opposition) shows up with a camera, interviews people, asking about their thoughts on the over-crowdedness and the increase in violence, particularly at night
– this happens throughout the 45 minute journey, all the while the train gets more and more crowded

I wonder, is this the best way to engender faith in the system? Would people be more honest if they are being put on the spot by a politician with a video camera in your face? Does the party gain points for this seeming act of proactivity?

My thoughts: do proper research, invite people for their comments (at the main station), use professionals. The goal is to get the product right and not appear to be political points scoring.

What the?!

I saw this at a train station on the way to work. For those who don’t know who Shane Warne is, see hereand here.
I’m not sure who they would attract to this. Would sports fans really want to see a musical? Would this attract theatre goers? Whose bright idea was this?

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