Nice One Intel

by albertopolintan

My take on growth of the technology game is about adoption by the masses. The pointy end creates the momentum but the real uptake comes from those who see that others have taken the risk and deem it safe to go in.

So, looking through my local catalogues and I see this:

IntelEssentially, it’s Officeworks (a local office supplies and electronics chain) trying to explain the differences between all the Intel chips – from the budget Atom and Celeron lines (“Everyday use”) through to the Core i7 (“Premium power”). The tech world needs this kind of simplification even though it could probably use some fairly common language and perhaps reinforced with some color coding or segregation in the store (this area for “Everyday use” and this area for “Premium power” – whatever that means).

I still like the approach and someone at head office is thinking about getting that middle market to understand the technology they’re buying and with understanding you think you’d get confidence and a lot more adoption.