I’m Going Back to Windows

by albertopolintan

I’ve been an Apple guy for a long while. We’ve got everything they sell and for the most part, we’ve been very happy (well, except for that time when the motherboard on my MBP died two months after the warranty lapsed)… and yet… it’s time for a change.

I left for a different phone last year because it felt more under my control. For all the crummy, unpolished characteristics of Android, the upgrades are incredible, welcome improvements. It’s like participating in the maturing of a system. Apple, for all their beauty, nous and incredible quality feels way too… perfect. I’m just not that kind of guy. While there are tradeoffs between quality and performance (I will still stick by my MBP and I’ll likely upgrade to one of these if the rumors are true), there are times when it’s time to switch.

Case 1 – A New(er) Phone

Nokia + Windows = Lumia. I fondled one of these in a store and was intrigued. The handset was a welcome change from all the iPhone wannabes. Solid, colorful, unique – it wasn’t trying to appeal to the techies but to phone users. And of course, there’s that interface. Windows was smart not to play the iPhone game. Instead, using what they knew from the ill-fated Zune, they created a new way for a user to interact with their phone that was just as simple as Apple yet somehow more stylish.

Then they announced this. Bigger and better and you can see the progression made since the N9 (okay, it was only a few small changes really). Sure, it’s not available in Australia yet but that isn’t really a barrier these days. There are some flaws but I don’t mind them in phones. Maybe if they create a 920, it could be interesting.

Case 2 – A New(er) Laptop

Okay, this one’s not for me but for my wife. Her 6-year old MacBook is just a miserable thing right now. Plastic splinters are falling off and it’s just a browsing machine now. With Windows 8 in the near future and the imitators getting quite good at what they do, I think I may be getting my wife one of these ultra books.

My wife has always been a Windows user. She loves the right-click, Windows Explorer and its various guises, and general compatibility with most software. She just finds it easy. That’s not to say that iOS is not – it’s just that for a person who’s never used a computer before, Apple is the better bet. For a homework, assignment, work project, and home project completer that is my wife, Windows and that Office suite are her bread and butter. With Microsoft getting their user interface away from the Gates-era, I figure this switch is the better bet for the home network, too.

For what it’s worth, I also feel that Microsoft kinda wants people back. Sure they lost a lot to Apple. It was always bound to happen. Microsoft got so big that they got hated. The same is probably happening to Apple now. Maybe I just don’t want to be part of the trend or maybe there are too many people on the Apple wagon train and I’d rather be doing something different. It’s just a good thing that there are some great options and the tech game is moving into areas to that separate the products from each other and drawing different people (or deterring them) with some smart decisions about design and usability.

It’s a good time for tech.