Seen and heard on the train today

by albertopolintan

Melbourne has a public transport crisis. With high fuel prices and a burgeoning population, the public transport system is struggling to cope.
On the 8:09 today:
– a politician (not sure if governing or opposition) shows up with a camera, interviews people, asking about their thoughts on the over-crowdedness and the increase in violence, particularly at night
– this happens throughout the 45 minute journey, all the while the train gets more and more crowded

I wonder, is this the best way to engender faith in the system? Would people be more honest if they are being put on the spot by a politician with a video camera in your face? Does the party gain points for this seeming act of proactivity?

My thoughts: do proper research, invite people for their comments (at the main station), use professionals. The goal is to get the product right and not appear to be political points scoring.